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Custom Bag Terms

In this document, Company, refers to Bag the Habit, and Partner refers to the Client.
  • A. All preexisting art and trademarks of the Partners are the exclusive property of the Partner. Bag the Habit does not maintain any rights other than those specified in ‘Media and Promotion’ below.
  • B. Bag the Habit maintains authorship and ownership over any artwork, patterns, templates and design elements created for Partner. If Partner wishes to replicate or otherwise use any portion of these designs, Partner must receive written approval from Bag the Habit prior to use.
  • C. After this Terms and Agreement is submitted, any revisions made to product design, packaging, distribution or other specifications pertinent to this order, may incur additional charges.
  • D. Partner’s should have the legal rights to use all text, artwork and other materials provided to Bag the Habit for the purpose of design. The Partner assumes all risks associated with the use of such materials, and agrees to indemnify and hold Bag the Habit harmles against claims, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, due to materials included in the Work at the request of the Partner for which no copyright permission or privacy release was requested, or for which uses exceed the uses allowed pursuant to a permission or release.
  • E. Bag the Habit’s efficiency and experience helps to ensure accurate delivery dates. In order to ensure delivery, Partner must make hard deadlines apparent to Bag the Habit at time of order. If there are any concerns about meeting a delivery date, they will be disclosed to Partner prior to sale. Please note, Bag the Habit cannot be responsible for delays caused by outside forces, i.e. weather, force majeure, or customs delays.
  • F. Bag the Habit sells directly to Partners. While third parties sometimes work on behalf of Partners to oversee custom design, no third party may represent themselves as the primary designer or manufacturer of Bag the Habit’s products.
  • G. Final product cannot be altered in any way. This includes additional printing, decals or any other applications. Works in progress cannot be transferred to any other party for creative alteration, design alteration and/or continuations based upon the preliminary work and/or final work.
  • H. Unless expressly requested at time of order, Bag the Habit reserves the right to use images, product samples and other information about custom products in media, advertising, sales materials or other Company collateral.
  • I. Under/Over Shipment - Bag the Habit reserves the right to under-ship by 10%. This allows the Company to better serve Partner by removing any product prior to shipment that does not conform to final quality inspections. In the case of under-shipment, Compan will reissue corrected product to Partner in a timely manner and assume responsibility for any additional accrued shipping fees. If re-issue date conflicts with the hard delivery deadline specified by partner at time of order, an invoice credit will be issued to Partner within 30 days.
  • J. Defect Allowance - Industry standards for Quality Control allowances apply (4.5% AQL for minor defects, 2.5% AQL for major defects). For a list of these specific allowances, please email If Partner finds that a run of product has a defect rate that exceeds these standards, Bag the Habit will re-issue correct items or reimburse Partner in the same transactional method used for original payment (i.e. refund to credit card, check, wire transfer). It is Bag the Habit’s right to determine if product will be re-issued or a refund applied. For all Defect Claims, Partner must provide physical proof (A physical sample accompanied by a written report or photo evidence) within 30 days of receipt of product.
  • K. Eco-Certifications - Eco-materials are one of the foundational aspects of the Bag the Habit’s business, and the Company employs best practices when certifying materials or suppliers. If any material is deemed of a different material content, specification or other certification than originally described to the Partner, Bag the Habit will not be financially or legally liable for this discrepancy. While Bag the Habit is diligent in gathering and maintaining proper certifications, this measure is to protect the Company from breech of certification by third party suppliers that are beyond the company’s control.
  • L. Insurance - Bag the Habit fully insures all cargo. In the event of cargo damage, Bag the Habit will take necessary action to secure reimbursement from insurance channels. The Company will promptly issue reimbursement to Partner (in the form of product or refund) when all related insurances claims are settled and funds dispersed.

These are shorter than the home page version but the same width. We want to be able to add images or text into these boxs. Use them as sort of ad sapce. We would want them on all pages. Does that make sense? let me know!
These are shorter than the home page version but the same width. We want to be able to add images or text into these boxs. Use them as sort of ad sapce. We would want them on all pages. Does that make sense? let me know!
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